Our facilities encompass a total of 6,000 m2 of covered manufacturing and warehouse area, and these are expanding in line with our growth.

In order to aid the in-house logistics, a large array of material handling equipment is used. Maximum overhead crane capacity is 10 metric tons for coil products in our coil stock and production facilities. Coils are tilted from eye-to-sky position to eye-to-side position or vice versa utilizing a coil tilter. In addition, a fleet of forklifts and reach trucks is used for material handling in receiving, in-house transport and shipping.

Receiving and shipping is always arranged indoors to prevent exposure to adverse weather conditions. Containers and trucks are loaded and unloaded either via leveler docks, from the side or by overhead crane.

Our facilities are heated and air-conditioned where required to ensure proper storage conditions for all our materials.

Packing activities are performed at our location to meet the packing specification requirements of our customers. All wood packing products have been subjected to treatment to meet the requirements of ISPM 15. Alternatively non-wood pallets are used.

In addition, we operate a sophisticated process heat and energy recovery system in order save energy and reduce our CO2 footprint.