Stainless steel banding, seals and tools

Stainless steel banding is used as a means of fixing insulation and cladding around a pipe, vessel or equipment, in combination with a seal (wing or crimp).

It is manufactured by means of rotary shearing, also referred to as coil slitting. In order to obtain a safety edge, banding can be deburred.

We can manufacture stainless steel banding to customer specification in terms of alloy (T304 or T316), surface finish, thickness, width, roll weight and length. Custom-made solutions with special packaging – such as our boxed banding – are available on request.

Wing type seals are used whereby the banding is folded around the seals. Crimp/closed type seals are notched utilizing special tools to keep the banding in place.

A variety of strapping tensioners and notching tools is available.

Banding and seals are not only manufactured in stainless steels, materials such as aluminum, galvanized steel and exotic alloys can also be provided.

As a result of temperature change bands can be exposed either to excessive tension (expansion of equipment as a result of higher temperature) or to loss of tension (equipment contraction). In those cases, the use of permanent tension devices such as breather springs and compression springs should be specified. The use of banding with an integral spring system – expand-R-band – can be considered as an alternative.

Stainless Steel Type 304 / 316 Banding, finish BA
Stainless Steel Type 304 / 316 Banding, finish 2B
Wing Type Seals
Crimp Type Seals
Banding Tensioner IWR 270
Banding Tensioner IWR 240
Banding Tensioner IWR 250
Banding Tensioner IWR 260
Banding Sealer IWR-275
Stainless Steel Tie Wire
Aluminium, Copper and Galvanised Tie Wire