Our range of heavy layers are designed to add mass to a spring-mass system.

Phonisol BM series are composed of polymers filled with naturally occurring minerals, mainly barium sulfate and calcium carbonate. Phonisol BM0050 contains no lead, unrefined oils or bitumen. All mineral fillers are naturally occurring ground powders which are chemically unaltered from the state at which they were originally mined. Sound Reduction Index (R) have been tested against EN ISO 10140-2:2010.

Vibraflex is a heavy, flexible thermoplastic self-adhesive bitumen material that can be adhered to the inside face of sheet metal and serves as an anti-drumming material. It is strong in insulating low frequencies in combination with sheet metal enclosures.

Phonisol series of Mass Loaded Vinyl
Stainless steel or carbon steel omega springs
Stainless steel or carbon steel s-springs