Cold / Cryogenic

Cold and cryogenic insulation systems can be enhanced by utilizing higher jacketing emittance (ε) such as our range of jacketing incorporating Tedlar® films and PvdF coil coatings. For plant areas rated as a fire hazard, stainless steel systems with the same emittance performance have been developed and installed.

Metal jacketing can corrode as a result of galvanic, crevice and pitting corrosion. An integral factory applied Polysurlyn® Moisture Barrier eliminates these issues.

Preventing the ingress of water and water vapor is paramount to a well designed cold insulation system. Our easy–to-install range of primary vapor barriers (IWR 701, Membrane XT), contraction joint coverings and related accessories ensure a perfect water vapor tight system, with a track record to prove it. Our IWR701 has more than 3 million square meters of installed product since its market introduction in 1999.

The integrity of the cold insulation vapor barrier system should be safeguarded at all time. Hence, the use of non-penetrating fastening materials such as stainless steel banding is required.

IWR-701 SA Butyl Rubber Tape Primary Vapor Barrier
PvdF Coated Stainless Steel with Polysurlyn® Moisture Barrier
IWR-701 SA Butyl Rubber Tape Primary Vapor Barrier
Tedlar® Coated Aluminium with Polykraft Moisture Barrier