INSU-W-RAPID BV fabricates all available insulation types into ready-to-install products, such as pipe sections, elbows, valve boxes, reducers and vessels. Workmanship in combination with the latest in CNC wire cutting and CNC milling technology.

Examples of insulation materials converted are cellular glass, rigid polyurethane/poly-isocyanurate (PUR/PIR) foams, Styrofoam®, mineral wool, calcium silicate, EPS and XPS.

All shapes can be furnished with shop applied anti-abrasive coatings and foil vapor barriers (Multifoil 12/25/12) or our IWR701® Butyl vapor barrier.

E-Glass Tapes
Fabricated Styrofoam® Valve Boxes Foamglass
Foamglass® Elbows
Fabricated Vessel Heads