Screws, rivets and mattress hooks

To secure metallic jacketing in hot insulation applications we provide a wide variety of screws and blind rivets in a large number of grades and specifications.

Where screws need to comply with the requirements of DIN7981, DIN7971 or DIN7976, we have a suitable product available in various grades (carbon steel, stainless steel).

Blind rivets are stocked in a large number of grades – aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel – and a large number of sizes.

Mattrass hooks are used to secure non-rigid insulation wired matts.

Hex Wire Mesh
DIN7504K Selfdrilling Screws
DIN 7971 Selftapping Screws
DIN 7981 Selftapping Screws with neoprene washer
DIN 7981 Selftapping Screws
Closed end blind rivets
Open end blind rivets
DIN 662 Hammering Rivet
Mattress Hooks
Speedfix washers