Hot insulation

In hot insulation systems, there are ample examples of metal jacketing systems that fail prematurely as a result of not having a Moisture Barrier (Polysurlyn® or Polykraft) installed.

Metal jacketing can corrode as a result of galvanic, crevice and pitting corrosion. An integral factory applied Polysurlyn® Moisture Barrier eliminates these issues. Polysurlyn® Moisture Barrier can even combat CUI and pipe corrosion.

In this area of application, external face coil coated metal jacketing systems can be used for the purpose of aesthetic appearance enhancement, color coding, corporate identity or preservation of a mill finish.

The outer insulation jacket and its substructure need to be designed and implemented in such a way that expansion and contraction of the system can be accommodated. The use of expansion joints, trapezoidal and corrugated sheets, bands that retain tension and flexible but sturdy substructures can be selected.

PvdF Coated Aluminium Box Rib 25-102 with Polykraft Moisture Barrier
Aluminium 3003 with Polysurlyn® Moisture Barrier
Aluminium 5049
Cross Crimped Aluminium 3003 with Polykraft Moisture Barrier